What is the NBA?


The NBA (National Basketball League) is America’s league of basketball.

There are thirty teams divided in two conferences and a total of six divisions, three per conference. The two conferences are known as the Western and Eastern Conference, and the divisions are Northwest, Pacific, and Southwest (Western Conference), and Southeast, Central, and Atlantic (Eastern Conference). Each division, no matter the conference, has five teams in it. There are 29 teams that play home games in America, while the Toronto Raptors play theirs in Canada.

Each year, the season starts with training camps, then preseason games that can be held in non-NBA towns, both in the states and overseas. After all of this, the regular season starts, where every team in the league plays 82 games (41 games at home, and 41 away games).

Out of the four major sports, only the teams in the NBA and the NHL plays all of the other teams. The opponents in a NBA’s team’s own division play each other four times. Four teams, in the other divisions (same conference), are played only three times in a season. The other six teams are played four times. Teams from the opposite conference are played two times each in a season.

Washington Wizards v/s Cleveland Cavaliers November 18, 2009 at Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.
Washington Wizards v/s Cleveland Cavaliers November 18, 2009 at Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.

There is also a period of the year (called the All-Star Break), in February, where the only game that is played is the All-Star Game. This has all the year’s best players compete in a single game against each other, and the teams are divided by conference. Players who compete in this game are chosen either by team’s head coaches or by the fans. There is a most valuable player award given out in this game. During the All-Star Break, there are also different special contests like the dunk contest, three point shooting contest, and the skills challenge; there is also a Rising Stars game (compiled of the best rookies and second years) that pits the best the US has versus the rest of the world.

At the end of the regular season, here is a regular season MVP, rookie of the year, Sixth Man of the Year, Coach of the Year, and other awards given out to the best players that year.

After all the teams are played, then it is time for playoffs. Which teams play who is decided by ranking; number one seed plays eight, and two plays seven and on and on. There are three rounds where teams play teams from their own conference and then the fourth and the final round is The NBA Finals. In this round, the final two remaining teams from both conferences play each other to see who the champion is. In all rounds of the playoffs, there are best of seven series, where to win the series, you must win four games out of the seven, and depending on how you do in each round, you could end up playing a total of 28 playoff games. After the regular season, you could wind up playing over one hundred games. To win the championship, you must win a total of sixteen playoff games without losing more than four in a single round.

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